About Us

Mary Wright and Oriet Cohen-Supple are the founding partners of Wright & Supple LLP.  Between us, we have 42 years’ experience in giving advice and counsel to California employers and businesses. Both of us are the product of long-term big firm training and experience, and have advised and litigated on behalf of companies ranging in size from mom-and-pops to Fortune 100s. 

We formed Wright & Supple to allow us the freedom to add greater flexibility, creativity, and empathy to our legal practice.  

We spend a large part of each day walking clients through difficult situations, helping them to avoid disputes -- and the inside of a courtroom.  Although both of us know our way around the courthouse and don’t back down in a fight, we believe that the best and least expensive way to win a dispute is to prevent it from arising in the first place.  We are problem solvers with a deep understanding of legal and financial risk, and how each decision can impact your company.

We work hard to understand your business and to help you create human resources administration strategy that ensures legal compliance without sacrificing your company’s culture or business goals. 

To that end, we have created this pledge to our clients:

  • We will get to know your business, its culture, and its goals.
  • We will offer creative, strategic business choices, not impose inflexible compliance procedures.
  • We will do what we say we are going to do, and do it when we say we are going to do it.

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