Employment Law Advice and Counsel

Wright & Supple LLP specializes in providing full support to management’s administration of personnel actions.  We provide human resources advice and counsel with business-centered recommendations.  We create policies, procedures, and guidelines customized for your business.  Wright & Supple assists employers and business owners in strategic organizational planning.  We can:

  • help identify and research human resources issues;
  • contribute analysis, and business responsive/legally compliant advice and counsel;
  • work with you to establish human resources objectives in line with organizational objectives.

Wright & Supple will work with executives, in-house counsel, or human resources professionals to create and roll out departmental processes relating to employees, such as talent acquisition, staffing, employment processing, compensation, health and welfare benefits, training and development, records management, safety and health, succession planning, employee relations and retention, EEO compliance, and employee relations.

We guide your team in the administration of personnel actions such as selecting, orienting, coaching, counseling, reviewing, disciplining and terminating employees.  We specialize in the review of personnel information used to assist with substantive employee determinations, resolving problems, and implementing company-wide change including corporate reorganization, acquisition, and reductions in force.

Wright & Supple can support your human resources professionals by taking on special human resources, personnel, and/or legal compliance projects by:

  • proactively identifying and clarifying HR issues and priorities;
  • communicating and coordinating requirements to management and employees;
  • expediting compliance;
  • evaluating milestone accomplishments;
  • evaluating optional courses of action;
  • changing assumptions and direction.

Finally, Wright & Supple can help you create a culture of compliance.   This requires us to understand your business and its goals.  We will help you educate employees on the direct correlation between your actions as it impacts them and your goals for the company.  Our goal is to  help you communicate and enforce organizational values. We think transparency and empathy for the employee’s point of view decreases friction and increases engagement.