Dispute Resolution Services

Employer Mediation Services:

Mary Wright is a trained and experienced mediator.  She accepts appointments to mediate in both employer-driven in-house mediation programs and case-driven pre-trial dispute resolution. Give us a call the next time you need a mediator with experience in the application of employment laws to real-life situations but who also understands what it means to try cases to a California jury.

Employment Mediator Service:

The firm offers a confidential, fair, and voluntary workplace mediation process to assist California employers and employees in exploring potential joint resolutions to their workplace conflicts.  The workplace mediation offers a cost-effective way to resolve and improve employee teamwork, enhance work performance and productivity, and develop the skills necessary to resolve most common and difficult conflicts as well as future disputes in a safe, non-judgmental environment. This includes resolving common conflicts such as (1) differences is management and work styles; (2) personality clashes; (3) trust and respect concerns; (4) communication difficulties; and (5) misunderstanding of work expectations.